Vendor optimization

Vendor Optimization

Our service team offers a wide range of knowledge surrounding record keepers operations and capabilities. We are able to harness these insights to assist in the following areas:


Plan Design Considerations/Benchmarking

A key component of Filice Retirement Service’s plan design and benchmarking process focuses specifically on plan costs, services and investment opportunities. In order to properly assess the plan, we undertake a detailed benchmarking and review process covering six major areas: Investment Management, Record keeping, Total Plan Costs, Compliance Services, Technology/Participant Access, and Employee Communications. Filice Retirement Services benchmarks plan providers every three to five years, not always with the intent to change service providers, but to help reduce plan fees as well as evaluate new regulations and incorporate them into the plan design, if need be.


Payroll and Synoptic Data Transmission

It is our experience that this aspect of the plan is most important when it comes to the day to day processes of running the plan. We work with your payroll department, human resources, and finance team to streamline the processes and achieve maximum efficiency. Filice Retirement Services assists with year-end census collection, completing annual questionnaire data and mitigating/correcting any operational issues you may have.


Fiduciary Action Items Delivered by your Investment Advisor

Acting as a fiduciary on your plan our team will assist you with drafting your Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and provide you with a quarterly investment monitoring report (FiRM Report). The monitoring reports will provide market commentary, detailed fund information and recommendations for fund changes if necessary.

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