Financial Wellness

We offer a variety of solutions for the most common and urgent sources of financial anxiety for your employees.



Too few people realize that Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) ARE retirement savings vehicles. HSAs can be considered an additional contribution source to company sponsored retirement plans, are triple tax advantaged and offer portability and permanence. We help companies evaluate the benefit of a High Deductible Health Plan used in conjunction with an HSA and, we provide the crucial education that your employees need to understand and utilize this important retirement tool.

529 “Qualified Tuition Plans”

The cost of education carries a huge financial burden for most students and those who support them. Offering a 529 plan to employees could help alleviate some of that stress and demonstrate the company’s commitment to its employees’ financial wellbeing. 529 plans are investment accounts that offer tax-free earnings and tax-free withdrawals on funds that are used to pay for qualified education expenses. FRS partners with companies to set up such plans to benefit employees and employers a like.


Financial wellness is now being supported by multiple third-Party Vendors, applications and programs. Our team can assist you with integrating these into your existing benefit and retirement programs.

Life Insurance

The death benefit protection offered by a life insurance policy can be a key component of a sound financial plan. It can provide for income protection or estate liquidity, in order to protect your assets. At FRS, we offer life insurance for both personal and business planning.  Depending on your needs, we offer Whole Life, Universal Life and Variable Life Insurance. Our team of professionals can help you determine how much life insurance you may need and will walk you through the application and underwriting process.

The Retirement Doctor is In

With decades of experience in every aspect of plan design, administration and investments, Mike Rogers offers wisdom and advice to fix any retirement matter. If you submit a question below, the doctor will be in touch with his diagnosis.

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