Fiduciary Governance

Fiduciary Governance

The company personnel making retirement plan decisions are considered sponsors and guardians of employee investments in the plan, creating fiduciary liability for those individuals. Plan choices made should maximize the benefit to employees, while limiting the liability of those tasked with administering the plan. This starts with strong Fiduciary Governance guided by properly licensed advisors, such as FRS.

Independent & Unbiased:

FRS advisors do not have a vested interest in recommending any fund or fund family, therefore we are able to select funds that are best suited for our client’s plan and plan participants. We also practice fee transparency and provide full disclosure of all fees associated with running the plan.

Investment Policy Statement:

An Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is the foundation of a successful due diligence program. The IPS clearly identifies the goals and objectives of each of the investments that make up our client’s plan portfolios’. The IPS will determine the criteria that the investment committee will be monitoring (relative performance, risk adjusted performance, investment expenses, style drift analysis, manager tenure, etc.)

Investment Scoring Process

Effective advising, regarding plan investments, requires; clear articulation of standards for evaluation, a consistently applied process in monitoring, sufficient depth of information, and data to thoroughly asses the investment managers and strategies upon which plans, and plan participants rely on to achieve financial and retirement goals. Filice Retirement Services provides each of our clients quarterly Investment Monitoring Reports that are used to support the detection of portfolio changes and to highlight those funds that start to perform outside of acceptable performance levels as stated in the plans IPS. In addition to our Reports, Filice will regularly meet with your plan’s Investment Committee to review our findings.


Filice Retirement Service advisors work in a co-fiduciary capacity. We are committed to adhere to the following fiduciary standards:

  • Act solely in the best interest of participants and beneficiaries of the plan.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest or fairly manage them in the client’s favor.
  • Disclose all forms of compensation both direct and indirect.

The Retirement Doctor is In

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