Executive Benefits

Executive Benefits

Compensation is often the largest expense in a company budget, and executive compensation requires adherence to both strategy and regulation that ensures maximum use of available dollar and compliance with applicable laws. We offer a range of services including:

Deferred Compensation

Typically utilized by highly compensated executives, deferred compensation plans allow employees to defer accepting a portion of their compensation until a future date. Implementing this intricate option requires an advisor with extensive industry and benefits knowledge. FRS advisors are skilled in structuring and setting up this type of plan for qualified companies.

Section 162 Bonus Plans

FRS has extensive knowledge in structuring this supplemental benefit plan to help companies attract and retain select key employees. In most cases this plan is not considered a “qualified plan” under the Code or ERISA and therefore not subject to various compliance rules and nondiscrimination testing. We are able to identify the goals of companies looking to implement such plans and work with them to determine the best plan offerings for both the company and the targeted employee demographic.

Business Continuation

Planning for the survival of your business is crucial. Business continuation planning helps ensure the value of what you have built outlives you. A good continuation plan leverages significant tax benefits, greater asset liquidity, broader asset diversification and higher employee commitment and retention. Buy-sell arrangements, ESOPS, Key-Person Insurance and other such options can be used whether you are selling to key employees or providing income to your family. We can help guide you through these decisions.

The Retirement Doctor is In

With decades of experience in every aspect of plan design, administration and investments, Mike Rogers offers wisdom and advice to fix any retirement matter. If you submit a question below, the doctor will be in touch with his diagnosis.

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