employee engagement

Employee Engagement

No one method of retirement education is effective for every workforce. Every Company is comprised of a diverse workforce across the spectrum of age, wealth, investment experience, availability and location. FRS offers an array of education experiences tailored to each company’s individual employee demographic.

Our team is also capable of conducting education on many other financial topics related to the retirement space. Some examples include market volatility seminars, college savings, tax planning strategies, and health savings accounts.


Webinars:  Customized web-based seminars are an effective way to reach employees across varied locations and can be replayed on demand.

On-site Seminars: Face to face interaction with employees contributes to an open line of communication and transparency between the company and employees, as well as allowing our advisors to establish repour and become a trusted ally for plan participants.

One-on-One Meetings: Some employees prefer to schedule a private advisor meeting to address their retirement goals and questions. Our advisors are able to dive deeper into participant’s individual finances and provide personalized financial advice.

By Department: Some companies corporate culture is distinct by department.  It can be useful to address each department separately with targeted topics that address their specific needs.

Timing: The frequency with which we deliver education is dependent on a number of factors. Depending on specific company needs, goals and objectives as well as other internal communications, new legislation etc. FRS is able to create timely presentations to address the most pertinent topics for employees.

The Retirement Doctor is In

With decades of experience in every aspect of plan design, administration and investments, Mike Rogers offers wisdom and advice to fix any retirement matter. If you submit a question below, the doctor will be in touch with his diagnosis.

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