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A key component of any effective recruitment and retention strategy is a strong employee benefits program. This includes a set of solid retirement planning options, which may often be the differentiator for talented employees when deciding whether or not the join an organization. As an employer it’s important for you to ensure these critical components are in place and working well for both your company and employees. Partnering with Filice Retirement Services (FRS) and utilizing our combination of research, education and acute service offerings, paired with hand selected vendors who understand the needs of your company and population is a must!

Retirement Plans

Whether you are considering the adoption of a new retirement plan or changing providers for an existing plan, Filice Retirement Services has the experience and resources to execute the most appropriate solutions for your company’s unique needs. FRS has developed a service model focusing on the critical components essential for creating and maintaining a successful retirement plan.

Vendor Optimization

Decades of experience, knowledge and vendor relationship development ensures appropriate placement for our clients. Proprietary vendor comparison tools make for seamless and optimal selection.

Fiduciary Governance

Employers that sponsor retirement plans for the benefit of their employees are obligated to act in their employees’ best interests. This includes verifying the role of the plan’s financial advisor. FRS advisors act solely in the best interests of plan participants and their beneficiaries, avoid conflicts of interest, and discloses all forms of compensation.

Employee Engagement

The most thoughtful, organized and strategic employer sponsored retirement plan is a failure if not utilized by employees. Our primary objective is to increase employee participation, increase participant savings rates, and to provide ongoing advice that helps employees understand the retirement plan offered by their employer

Executive Benefits

Compensation of key personnel takes many forms. A comprehensive and competitive executive benefits package ensures that your company retains valuable employees, whose critical knowledge about products, processes and people are integral to the success of your company. 


FinWell, or Financial Wellness, has become a priority for companies looking to retain and promote successful employees. Financial confidence and security help employees feel less stressed and able to focus on their jobs. FRS promotes FinWell with a variety of products, programs and education.

About US

The Filice Retirement Services Team services retirement plans representing over 25,000 participants. In addition, FRS has access to investments, insurance companies, and independent money managers, allowing us to offer a wide variety of solutions for your employee’s financial planning and retirement savings needs

The Retirement Doctor is In

With decades of experience in every aspect of plan design, administration and investments, Mike Rogers offers wisdom and advice to fix any retirement matter. If you submit a question below, the doctor will be in touch with his diagnosis.

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